Fluoride Treatment

An optional treatment that hardens the teeth and makes them more resistant to decay.

Who benefits from Fluoride Varnish?
Fluoride treatments are routinely used after cleaning for children, but many adults benefit from fluoride treatment as much as, or even more than children. Adults who show the following characteristics would benefit from a Fluoride Varnish treatment:

  • Frequent decay

  • Gum recession with exposed tooth root (roots are more vulnerable to decay)

  • Sensitive teeth

  • Dry mouth (a lack of normal saliva flow makes teeth more susceptible to decay)

  • Infrequent brushing and flossing

  • Frequent consumption of soda pop or other acidic drinks

  • Crowns or multiple fillings (the edges of crowns and fillings are prone to decay)

  • Active orthodontic treatment (brackets trap more plaque making teeth more likely to decay)

  • Developmental defects in the teeth

Will my insurance cover these services?
Generally, insurance does not cover Fluoride Varnish for adults, but with a minimal investment, you can prevent much more costly repairs down the road.